Welcome to the profession of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For your protection, please ensure your school is approved by the Private Career Training Institution Agency (PCTIA). Students who complete training in British Columbia will only receive recognition for programs offered by training institutions that are currently registered or accredited with the PCTIA. As of March 31, 2012, recognition will only be given for completion of programs offered by training institution programs in British Columbia that are accredited by PCTIA.

As a student, you will be supervised in the clinic. BC legislation requires you to be a current student registrant of CTCMA before you attend clinic. In order for your clinical hours to be recognized by CTCMA, you must be registered before you begin your clinical training.

A CTCMA Student Registration I.D. Tag will be issued to each student registrant. It must be worn during clinical training. The patients will then know the student is registered with CTCMA.

Your school is responsible for arranging professional liability insurance to cover students in the clinic. Liability insurance is important for the patient, the student and the supervisor. 

List of Memos to TCM Schools 2009 - 2013 Regarding Bylaw s. 48(1)(a.1)

Effective September 1, 2009: the basic education or training program for registration as an acupuncturist or a traditional Chinese herbalist must be completed within five consecutive years.

Please refer to the Student Applications page for registration information.