Frequently Asked Questions for Public

1. What is the role of CTCMA? A school or association?

CTCMA is the regulatory body for the profession of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in BC, mandated to regulate in the public interest. CTCMA is neither a school nor association.

2. I have a certain illness, can CTCMA recommend a practitioner to me? Can TCM/A treat this kind of illness?

Please understand as a regulatory body, CTCMA cannot recommend registrants to you or answer questions regarding TCM/A treatment. You can search practising registrants on our website by last name, city, or postal code.

3. What’s the difference between CTCMA restricted titles?

Registrants with different restricted titles have different scope of practice. Please refer to the page Restricted Titles for detailed information.

4. My friend recommended a practitioner to me, but s/he is not your registrant, can I get treatment from him/her?

The right to use a professional title is controlled by provincial law and requires registration in a provincial health regulatory organization under the Health Professions Act. Registration ensures that a health professional has the basic educational preparation required to practice competently and that he or she subscribes to established standards of practice and ethics. For your protection, never seek treatment from an individual NOT registered with any one of BC's health regulatory Colleges.

5. How can I verify whether a practitioner is a CTCMA registrant in good standing?

Search our website listing of registrants at Find a Registrant by last name or registration number. If you find the name of that registrant on our website, s/he is a practising registrant in good standing. Remember to double check the Public Notifications.

6. I just got my TCM/A treatment, but I am not satisfied with the service provided by the practitioner, please let me know how to file a complaint.

If you have concerns about the actions of a registrant of the CTCMA, you may send a complaint to the Registrar. Please refer to the page of Filing a Complaint for detailed information.