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of British Columbia

Annual General Meeting Result

Nov 07, 2017

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the College was held on November 5, 2017. There were over 350 registrants participating either in-person or by proxy. One regular resolutions and one special resolutions were voted on. Below are the results of the votes on the regular resolution:

Whereas BC is a very large province with hundreds of Registrants outside the lower mainland, I urge the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of BC (the CTCMA) to embrace modern communication technologies and amend the by-laws in order that:

  • Registrants can attend official meetings via electronic media such as live streaming video and that
  • Registrants be allowed to vote via on-line voting platforms, or via mail-in ballots.


The Board will examine these recommendations at future meetings and provide further information regarding implementation where appropriate.

Below are the results of the votes on the special resolution:

That Weidong Yu be removed from the Board in accordance with CTCMA Bylaws s. 37(10.1)(a)

Defeated. 102 in favour and 216 opposed.

With the failure of the special resolution, the composition of the board and the activities of the Board remains unchanged. The College looks forward to continuing to work with all registrants in ensuring the professionalism, self-regulation and safety of TCM and acupuncture practice in British Columbia.