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October 2022 Pan-Canadian Examination (PCE) Information Update

Mar. 24, 2022

In August 2021, we updated you on the Pan-Canadian Entry-level Examinations in TCM and Acupuncture (PCE) and the languages in which these exams will be offered.

We can now report that the Acupuncturists and the TCM Herbalists examinations, secured by BC Government funding, will be offered in October 2022 in the candidate’s choice of either Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or English. The TCM Practitioners Examination will be available in English only, and not offered in Chinese. A high number of candidates for each exam is required in order to maintain examination measurement standards.

Candidates who would like to apply for full registration with the College as Registered Acupuncturists, Registered Herbalists, and Registered TCM Practitioners will continue to have the licensing examinations made available in English or Chinese.

Thanks to the $175,000 BC Government funding we are pleased to advise that the $400 translation fee for each exam will not apply to the PCE in 2022 and 2023, a significant savings for candidates.

The following summarizes information for the October 2022 Pan-Canadian Examinations:



Language Versions

Application Fee


Examination Fee

(plus applicable tax)

PCE Acupuncturists - ACU


Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese



PCE TCM Herbalists - HER


Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese



PCE TCM Practitioners - PRA




Fees are calculated on the basis of cost recovery, covering examination development and administration only. The College has always striven to keep exam fees as low as possible in order to not create a financial barrier for candidates. The PCE fees continue to be one of the lowest credentialing exam rates in Canada.

For further information on PCE dates and results, click here.

Examination application information can be found on the CTCMA website.