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News from the Allied Health Policy Secretariat

October 14, 2022

In June 2020, the Ministry of Health established the Allied Health Policy Secretariat (AHPS) to provide stewardship to more than 70 allied health disciplines and occupations in BC—upwards of 75,000 individual healthcare workers in our province. These professions provide a range of preventative, diagnostic, technical, and both therapeutic and clinical support services, helping to improve the health and wellbeing of British Columbians.

Last summer the AHPS completed a comprehensive province-wide consultation to gather feedback on the state of allied health in BC. The information gathered is currently being used to inform a three-year Allied Health Strategic Plan that will drive the mission, vision, philosophy, and direction of allied health in BC going forward. One key finding was the need to strengthen the recognition of the allied health workforce, particularly on the heels of their extraordinary efforts during the pandemic.

Since 2018, October 14 has been celebrated as International Allied Health Professions Day, to appreciate and recognize the significant impacts and contributions of the collective allied health workforce around the world. Originating in the UK, this day of recognition is now celebrated in several other countries including Australia and New Zealand.

This year, the AHPS will again recognize and celebrate October 14, 2022 as Allied Health Professionals Day in BC, acknowledging the critical role these individuals play in our healthcare system and thanking them for their tireless efforts in keeping British Columbians healthy and safe.