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Minister of Health appoints Board members for new college

June 6, 2024

The Minister of Health appointed the first Board of the College of Complementary Health Professionals of BC (CCHPBC). The Board members will be: 

Public members 

  • Benjamin Lewis Campbell  
  • Harmohanjit Singh Pandher 
  • Allan Paul Seckel (designated Board Chair)  
  • Jocelyn Ann Stanton  
  • Jacqueline Alexandra Tarantino  
  • Terri Ann Van Steinburg 

Registrant members 

  • Dr. Christopher James Anderson (chiropractor) 
  • Dr. Kelly Kyoko Fujibayashi (naturopathic physician) 
  • Dr. Elliot Lewis Mayhew (chiropractor) 
  • Jonathan Conrad Norton (massage therapist) 
  • Asa Elizabeth Tooshkenig (massage therapist) 
  • Jason Daniel Tutt (acupuncturist) 

The first CCHPBC Board will have 12 members: six members who are regulated health professionals and six public members. The Board size was determined to be 12 to align with the upcoming requirement in the Health Professions and Occupations Act. It is important to keep the new college’s Board small to support effective decision-making at a strategic level, while also ensuring the Board includes diverse public and Indigenous perspectives. 

In accordance with a Board composition matrix developed for the new college, Board members as a group bring diverse practice, lived experience, provincial geography, and professional skills to the table.  

Although profession-specific inclusion at the Board level is not about representation, the ongoing intention is for each profession to have at least one member who has a seat on the Board, with no more than two members from each profession.