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Practitioner Registered in Another Canadian Jurisdiction

If you hold valid registration or licensure in another Canadian jurisdiction* as the equivalent of a full registrant in practising status, which is not subject to any practice limitations, restrictions or conditions in that jurisdiction that do not apply generally to registrants in British Columbia, then you are eligible to apply through reciprocity.

*Canadian registration / licensing authorities include:

The requirements for registration through reciprocity application are:

Letter of Standing

All applicants applying through reciprocity are required to submit a letter of standing from the originating regulatory body. The letter of standing must be mailed directly to the College from the originating regulatory body. Please use the form below for this purpose.

CTCMA Jurisprudence Examination

All applicants are required to complete the Jurisprudence Examination. Please refer to the Jurisprudence Examination section for further details and instructions.

Criminal Record Check

Before you submit your registration application, you are responsible for completing a Criminal Record Check (CRC) conducted by the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP).  To ensure a smooth process, you must allow a few weeks for CRRP to process your CRC request and follow up the request by contacting CRRP.  For further details and instructions, please refer to the Criminal Record Check section.

Applicants applying for registration through reciprocity are required to submit one photograph exactly 1½”W x 2”L taken within one year.
Documentation on Authorization to Work
All applicants are required to submit proof of Canadian citizenship, permanent resident status or other statutory authorization (such as a Work Permit).
Application Form and Fees

Please use the forms below to submit your application to register.

Application and registration fees are available under Schedule F of the Bylaws and also in the application form.

Application Fee: $200
Annual Registration Fee: $850*

*For applicants registered after April 1 in any year, the fee will be prorated based on the number of months remaining until March 31, multiplied by the calculated monthly rate of the applicable annual fee. Please refer to the application form for the proration schedule.