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Reinstate My Registration

A former Full registrant or a Non-Practising registrant may apply to be restored to the full register according to Section 58 of the Bylaws.  A former Full or Non-Practising registrant who ceased to be registered due to late payment of fees may also apply for reinstatement.  If applying within 3 months of their last registration, then the examination and course requirements under Section 58(1)(a)(ii) do not apply.

Please note:

A former CTCMA registrant, who currently holds full registration or licensure in another Canadian jurisdiction as a practising registrant, and wishes to apply for full registration in BC to practise TCM / Acupuncture should refer to the “Practitioner Registered in Another Canadian Jurisdiction” for information about registration through the reciprocity process.

A former registrant who wishes to get back on the registry to become a full registrant

A former registrant, who wishes to reinstate to practising status, can submit the Former Full / NP Registrant Reinstatement to Full Registration Application Form. Application requirements and instructions can be found on the form. Please note that a valid Criminal Record Check (CRC) authorization is required.  Further information about Criminal Record Check can be found here

Every reinstatement application to practising status will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Registration Committee. Requirements for an applicant to complete before approving to reinstate to full practising status vary for each applicant with consideration of the duration of time the non-practising registrant has been out of practice.  Some examples of requirements set by the Registration Committee include completion of examinations or courses, and completion of conditions such as supervised practice before reinstated to the full register.  Please refer to Section 58 of the Bylaws for full details of the reinstatement requirements.