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Request Criminal Record Check (CRC) from Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP)

Online application is the preferred and the fastest method to request a CRC Check.

To apply for your CRC online, your BC Services Card must be activated for accessing BC Government services online already.  A BC Services card holder can verify their identity by sending a video, conducting a short video call, or conducting an in-person check at Service BC offices when setting up of the mobile app during their activation.

When your BC Services Card is ready for online services, please follow the following steps:

CODE is available in email reminders the College sent to registrants for requesting a new CRC.  It is also available in the applicant’s/registrant’s CTCMA Portal Account under the Criminal Record Tab.  New applicants to the College should contact [email protected] to obtain further instruction.

  • Use BC Services Card to login to the Criminal Record Check Application website
  • Your personal identity information linked to your BC Services Card will be used to pre-fill parts of your CRC application.  If there is any error, Please visit the BC Services Card website to change your personal information
  • Complete the application form.  For Applicant’s Position, please enter “registrant”.  Please make sure to enter information for all required fields
  • Review accuracy of information provided for your application. Make your declaration. Submit the application for a new CRC.

NOTE: The College only accepts a NEW CRC to be submitted.  DO NOT share a current CRC (if applicable) unless you are asked by the College to specifically do so.

  • Review and provide Consent.
  • Pay the required fee online.
  • Print/Save the Criminal Record Check – Confirmation/Payment Receipt page for your record and submit this page to the College upon request.

NOTE: This page has your CRC SERVICE NUMBER. This number is useful when contacting CRRP for assistance.

 *If you are asked to complete a manual identification verification process during your online application with CRRP, then a paper form is to be submitted to the College (ie Organization). Paper form submission procedure is available at the bottom of this page.


  • To apply to become a registrant with the College, a submission to conduct a Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP)’s criminal record check is required.

  • Information/Background check conducted by the local police department or RCMP is NOT ACCEPTABLE to satisfy this mandatory provincial requirement for people working with children and vulnerable adults or who have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults.

  • To apply for a criminal record check online, you must have a BC Services Card set up for online services. For those who cannot complete the CRC online with BC Services Card, please refer to the Paper Form Submission Procedure at the bottom of this page.

  • Please ensure that personal information on your BC Services Card is accurate and current. If change is required, please visit this page.
  • The College is not directly involved with the application process and/or the actual criminal record check itself.  Please contact the Criminal Records Review Program for assistance.
  • Some applicants may be contacted by the CRRP through email to submit their fingerprints as part of their CRC process. Click here for details.
  • Please allow sufficient time for your CRC application to be processed by CRRP. This can take 3 months or more if additional verification procedure is required.

  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to follow up on his/her CRC application by contacting CRRP.

If you have any questions ( such as the application process, the status of your CRC application, your CRC file/service number), please contact the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP):

Paper Form Submission Procedure

If you do not have a valid BC Services Card that already has been activated for accessing BC Government services online, then you have to go through the manual identification verification process by submitting a CRC paper application form with required documents to CTCMA.

  • Please send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] for a CRC paper application form
  • Attach one notarized copy of your primary ID and one notarized copy of your secondary ID that have been certified and signed by a notary public
  • Ensure the legal name on your CRC request form and your identifications are identical
  • Carefully review the form, sign beside Applicant Signature on the last page;
  • Ensure your e-mail address is included on the form – CRRP uses this email to request payment (Your CRC process does not begin UNTIL payment has been made);
  • Send the package (print-out form checked, signed, and dated AND notarized copies of a primary ID and a secondary ID) by mail to:
College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of BC
(Criminal Record Check)
900 – 200 Granville St
Vancouver BC  V6C 1S4
  • Check your e-mail for payment options provided by CRRP and pay the required fee
  • Print/Save the Criminal Record Check – Confirmation/Payment Receipt page for your record and, if requested, submit this page to the College