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Standard First Aid and CPR-C Certifications

*As of July 6, 2023, full registrants are required to hold current and valid Standard First Aid with Level C cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR-C) certifications under the Bylaws Section 48(1)(d).  

The Quality Assurance Committee has specified the following Standard First Aid and CPR-C certifications as acceptable to fulfill this requirement:

Certifications equivalent or exceeding the certification courses listed above are acceptable. For example, St. John Ambulance offers a “CPR-BLS & AED” course specific for healthcare workers and is considered equivalent in certification level with the regular “CPR-C & AED” course.  Both courses can satisfy the CPR-C certification registration requirement in the Bylaws.

In general, courses that are titled “Emergency First Aid” are at a lower certification level than the “Standard First Aid” courses; and hence DO NOT satisfy the Standard First-Aid registration requirement in the Bylaws.

*Please note: All registrants, new or current, are expected to meet this requirement by March 31, 2024. All registrants are required to report meeting this requirement during annual registration renewal.