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Frequently Asked Questions from Examination Candidates

Can a candidate discuss the question items with their teachers and other students?

No, a candidate cannot discuss or communicate any information about the content of the examination to others, either immediately following the examination or at any time later. Communicating examination question items is considered a form of cheating and is dealt with accordingly.

Does the candidate have an opportunity to make comments about the examination?

Yes, at the end of all examinations, candidates are invited to complete a survey which includes the opportunity to provide comments.

On what basis does the College base examination policy on?

Development procedures, administration, and the analysis and reporting of results follow best test practices as established by the other health regulatory organizations and professional regulatory bodies.

How many questions does the acupuncturists and TCM herbalists written examination have?

Please refer to the Examination Blueprint under the examination resources section for more information.

How do I understand the Candidate Performance Profile for Dr.TCM Examination?

Passing Score

The criterion-referenced passing score is set by subject matter experts using the modified Angoff method 

Scaled Score 

The scaled score is a conversion of your raw score on the examination to a common scale. 

Comparable Performance 

Comparable performance means that a candidate has achieved a level of performance that is within a close margin of the passing score.

What examination can I apply for if I have a 5 Year TCM Bachelor Degree?

In general, the Education and Examination Committee will consider an applicant to the Pan-Canadian Examination with a 5-year TCM Bachelor degree as meeting the requirements of 2 years of undergraduate education as per CTCMA Bylaws s. 48.1(a.1) and 3 years study in TCM acupuncture or herbology education depending on the program focus. Please refer to the Policy on Equivalency of 5-Year TCM Degree Program for further details.