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Ali AGHASARDAR (04987)

Date of action:  October 8, 2020

Description of action taken:

On September 28, 2020, the CTCMA received a complaint from a female patient alleging professional misconduct by the Registrant. On September 28, 2020, the CTCMA also received notification from the police regarding the same conduct and that a criminal investigation was underway. The complaint and police notification were referred to the Inquiry Committee for investigation.

As the nature of the alleged conduct raises significant public safety concerns, the Inquiry Committee considered extraordinary action pending the outcome of the investigation to protect the public. The Registrant agreed to provide an undertaking with the following terms which will remain in place during the Inquiry Committee’s investigation and pending any discipline proceeding:

  1. The Registrant consents to a suspension of his registration with the CTCMA effective as of the date of the Undertaking and Consent Agreement, such suspension to remain in place until the Inquiry Committee has made a disposition decision under s. 33(6) of the Act.

  2. The Registrant acknowledges that he cannot perform acupuncture or provide traditional Chinese medicine services (“regulated services”) during the period of suspension outlined in paragraph 1.

  3. The Registrant acknowledges that he cannot identify himself or otherwise hold himself out as a current registrant in good standing with the CTMCA, or use his registration with the CTCMA in any advertising or marketing of any non-regulated services which he provides to the public.

  4. The Registrant consents and undertakes to remove any reference to his registration with the CTCMA from his letterhead, brochures, website and any other marketing or professional materials which he uses in connection with the provision of non-regulated services to the public.

  5. The Registrant acknowledges that a contravention of any term of the Undertaking and Consent Agreement constitutes professional misconduct and may lead to the issuance of a citation.

Reasons for action taken:

To address the Inquiry Committee’s public protection concerns, the Registrant provided his Undertaking and Consent Agreement with terms to protect the public pending the completion of the investigation.