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Jaewon JEON (02229)

Nature of action:

The Inquiry Committee of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Practitioners of British Columbia (the “College”) investigated the conduct of Dr. Jaewon Jeon, pursuant to section 33(1) of the Health Professions Act, RSBC 1996, c.183 (the “Act”).

The Inquiry Committee and Dr. Jeon have agreed to resolve all matters arising from this investigation by way of a Consent Order under sections33(6)(c) and 36(1) ) of the Act.

Effective date: August 31, 2021

Name of registrant:  Jaewon Jeon, Dr. TCM

Location of practice: Vancouver, BC

Reasons for action taken:

Based on its review of the material gathered during the investigation, the Inquiry Committee was concerned that the Registrant violated the College’s Code of Ethics and standards of practice by entering into an inappropriate personal relationship with a patient. The Inquiry Committee considered that clinical relationships, like that between the Registrant and the patient, are based on trust and inherent in such relationships is a fundamental power imbalance. The Registrant was required to recognize and navigate that relationship with her sole interest being the best interests of the patient.

Action taken:

The Registrant agreed to enter into a Consent Agreement  under sections 36(1)(a)-(d) of the Act which included the following terms, among others:

  1. The Registrant consents to a reprimand for failing to maintain clear and professional boundaries with a patient; 

  2. The Registrant undertakes not to repeat the conduct of failing to maintain clear and professional boundaries with a patient;

  3. The Registrant consents to a one (1) month suspension of her practice of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture;

  4. The Registrant consents and undertakes to complete the Professional/Problem Based Ethics (PROBE) Program at her cost within 12 months and obtain an unconditional pass. If the Registrant fails to obtain an unconditional pass, the Registrant consents and undertakes to complete such further courses on professional ethics at her cost as directed by the College Registrar;
  5. The Registrant consents to the payment of a fine of $10,000.00;
  6. The Registrant consents and undertakes to pay the sum of $640.00 towards the College’s costs of investigation;
  7. The Registrant acknowledges and agrees that the Consent Order relates to a “serious matter” as defined in the Act, which requires this public notification to be posted by the College under section39.3 of the Act.