College of





of British Columbia

Eun Jeong JEONG (03688)

Date of Hearing: March 29, 2011

Date of Action: August 25, 2011

Description of action taken

The Inquiry Committee directed the issuance of a citation under s.33(6)(d) of the Health Professions Act against the former Registrant regarding allegations that she procured student registration by making false representations in her application to the College for student registration, made false representations in her application to the College for the 2008 Competency Examinations, and maintained student and full registration on the basis of continuing false misrepresentations to the College.

Following a Discipline Hearing, a panel of the Discipline Committee held that the former Registrant had engaged in professional misconduct and contravened s. 5.4 of the Standards of Practice by making false representations concerning her educational studies and by making false representations during the College's investigation either deliberately or recklessly without regard to their truth. The Discipline Committee held that maintaining registration on the basis of misrepresentations also constitutes professional misconduct. The Discipline Committee observed that the College's role in protecting the public interest depends on setting standards for registration. It noted that the College's role is undermined and the public interest suffers if the College cannot rely on the accuracy of the information provided by registrants or applicants for registration.


As the former registrant is no longer registered with the CTCMA, the Discipline Committee imposed the following penalties:

  1. a reprimand
  2. a fine in the amount of $10,000


The Discipline Panel ordered that the former Registrant pay to the College costs of $4,000.00 for the tariff items and $1,028.32 for disbursements.

The Registrant did not participate in the hearing or make any submissions with respect to penalty.