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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Committee is responsible for administering a continuing competency program in order to promote high practice standards amongst registrants. 

The Quality Assurance Program aims to ensure registrants continue to maintain competency, develop professionally, and practise safely with high standards during their registration with the College (Bylaw 56.1).

There is also a bylaw requirement for full registrants to maintain currency of practice by completing a cumulative total of 600 hours of professional service and/or practice during the 3 years immediately preceding registration renewal (Bylaw 56.2).

Registrants should ensure that they comply each year with the program requirements and keep a record of their activities, i.e., a Registrant File, over the year for ease of record production if they are chosen as part of the annual audit.

Registrants are required to declare that they have completed the requirements shown under Section 56.1 during registration renewal. Please review the relevant information available at the Registration Renewal, including information about how to maintain a Registrant File.

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