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Professional Development Activities

Professional development activities, if instructor-led, must be delivered by qualified instructors/lecturers, i.e.

  • Instructors/lecturers must have at least 7 years experience OR a university degree plus 3 years experience

  • Instructors must have thorough knowledge of the subject matter OR credentials recognized by the College

Only actual instructional hours should be counted.

The PSP’s Learning Resource Guide provides some suggestions of activities related to each Career-Span Competency (CSC).

Continuing Education Courses lists out some CE providers and events.

The College does not endorse or guarantee the content of the listed courses, programs and activities, and takes no responsibility for the descriptions of them. Registrants are advised to use their own judgment before registering to attend the programs, especially if there is a cost to participate.

The guide and listings are provided to inform registrants about continuing education courses and professional activity opportunities which are offered from time-to-time.  Please note that registrants can source other activities that are not listed to be included in their professional development learning plan. Registrants must justify how the activity directly benefits their practice quality.


Each year the College randomly selects a number of renewing registrants, who are at the end of a reporting period, to audit the individual records of Continuing Competency Activity Log.

Registrants make declaration during annual registration renewal that they are complying with Bylaw 56.1.

If it is your reporting year, please make sure you are fulfilling the requirements when making the declaration during registration renewal, having the forms and activity log completed, and keeping records and supporting documents of activities in the Professional Development Plan.  If a registrant is selected for the audit, they will receive a written request to send in their Continuing Competency Activity Log (as the first step).  Registrants only need to provide proof of complying with Bylaw 56.1 when requested by the College.