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Dual Registration Renewal

Dual Registration refers to the situation when a registrant holds both professional (Full Practising or Non-Practising) registration and Student registration at the same time..

All registrations expire on March 31st.  If continuing registered in both professional and Student Registrations is desired, a Dual registrant should renew both registrations. Current Dual Registrants may renew both their registrations together online through the Registrant Portal during the Renewal Period – from February 24 (Friday) to March 31 (Sunday).

A Dual registrant may select to renew only the professional (Full Practising or Non-Practising) registrationif they are NOT undertaking clinical training in a Traditional Chinese Medicine education program in B.C. after March 31st.

New for 2024 Renewal, a dual registrant can SELECT DIRECTLY whether they would like to renew their DUAL (i.e. both their professional registration and Student registration) or renew only their PROFESSIONAL registration at the bottom of the first page of the online renewal form.

DUAL registrants must be aware of  the following:

  • You are clear of your own need for registration and ensure your registration(s) allow(s) you to practise and/or participate in clinical training in TCM program in recognized schools in the next registration year starting on April 1st.
  • Please make sure to select the correct  item(s) of registration renewal fee(s) to pay at the end of the renewal process.  Both completed form and payment must be received by the College no later than March 31 this year.  Registration fee is non-refundable; hence, do not pay the fee for the registration that you do not wish to renew.

For continuous registration, all registrants must ensure their fully completed renewal application and renewal registration fees are received by CTCMA on or before March 31. 

After a Full or Non-Practising registrant cease to be registered due to failure to renew, they may apply for Reinstatement to Full Registration to practise in B.C., Canada. For the requirements, fees, and forms, please refer to the “Reinstate My Registration”.

After a Student registrant cease to be registered due to failure to renew, they may re-apply for Student Registration by submitting a NEW Student registration application including all the required documents with up-to-date information and fees to the College.  For the requirements, fees, and forms, please refer to the “Become a Student Registrant” . In order to receive your registration confirmation letter with card and a new seal and/or student badge BEFORE your current one expires, please ensure your completed renewal application and all the required registration fees are received by CTCMA by the first Monday of March (March 4th, 2024)

Please click here for details of Full / Non-Practising Registration Renewal

Please click here for details of Student Registration Renewal