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Safety Program Handbook

The Handbook has been developed for TCM professionals to use as a clinic reference manual, for the student to use as a handbook for the Safety Examinations, remedial application for registrants not meeting accepted standards of practice, and as a source of information for public health authorities and members of the public.

The Handbook was developed over a 2-year period with a team of consultants working with more than two dozen content experts and practitioners from the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. Participants from both provinces spent significant hours in research and development. The assessment tools for testing in the Safety Examinations were validated by test-writing practitioners in both provinces.

In development of the Handbook content, experts drew extensively from the mandatory safety courses developed by CTCMA-BC and the College and Association of Alberta. A significant portion of the Herbology section 5.3 was adapted from guidelines developed by the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria, Australia. CTCMA gratefully acknowledges the contribution made by the participants.