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The Official Publication of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia
Season's Greetings

Season’s Greetings

Warmest greetings this holiday season from the staff at CTCMA! May the beauty and joys of the season stay with you during the whole year. We wish you the gifts of love, friendship, good health and a new year of peace and happiness.
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Keeping your Contact Information Up to Date in the Registry is Good Practice!

Keeping your Contact Information Up to Date in the Registry is Good Practice!

Maintaining the accuracy and currency of your name and address in the College’s registry is not only a bylaw requirement, but also smart professional practice. Keeping your information updated and accurate is the easiest way for public and third-party insurers to verify your registration status and clinic details. Doing so also ensures that you receive important communications from the College.
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The expectation for registrants regarding the register is outlined on page 31 of the College Bylaws under the heading “Registrant’s responsibility to update information in register”.

60. (1) A registrant must update the information provided to the college, including but not limited to:
(a) change of physical home address, telephone number and email address,
(b) change of physical address, telephone number, email address and website address of each place at which the registrant practices,
(c) change of any other registration information previously provided to the college.
(2) A registrant must notify the registrar of any change to the information provided under subsection (1) not later than 14 calendar days after the change occurred.

Here’s What’s New!
The College recently updated its Public Registry on the website. To improve the search function of the Professional Registrant and Student Registrant registries, several changes were made.

Professional Registrant Registry

    1. First, middle, last or/and “Informal” name options were added as well as the ability to search by “partial name.” The addition of a “partial name” search makes it easier for users to find registrants if they have only a partial name to go by.
    2. Users may filter search by a registrant’s registration title or registration number.
    3. Clicking the “VIEW” link in a search result allows users to see more information for a searched registrant. Under “Registration Remarks,” information such as Public Notifications, and the Registration Record for the last five years is viewable.

Student Registrant Registry

    1. A Public Registry for “Student Registrants” was added. Public protection includes verification of student trainees performing TCM services at TCM school clinics. Patients who visit clinics located at TCM schools may now verify student registration with the College.

Professional Practice Tips
Make sure you provide your full legal name, title, and registration number clearly on treatment and billing receipts, and all other business communications where appropriate. On business cards, consider including your full legal name and title, and any other “Informal” name(s), which is/are not necessarily legal name(s) used in professional settings. Registrants who use both informal and legal names in their practice should include both versions on marketing and advertising materials as well as in their registration profile with the College.

For the public to locate and confirm the registration status of professional registrants and student registrants, accuracy is of the upmost importance. All registrants should ensure their information in the registry is accurate and current. Student registrants should be sure to maintain their registration status for the duration of their studies and clinical training at recognized TCM schools.

How to Update Your Registration Profile

  1. Registrants can make changes to contact information such as address, email, and phone number by logging into the Registrant Portal located on the College’s website, and then by clicking “My Account.”
  2. If you have legally changed your name and you would like to change your legal name as registered with the College, you must submit (by regular postal mail) a “Request for Name Change in Register” form which can be found on the College’s website at:
  3. To add an informal name to accompany your legal name in your profile, submit a request in writing to [email protected].
Registration Examination News

Registration Examination News

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April 2024 Pan Canadian Examination

The application process for the April 2024 Pan Canadian Examination begins December 11, 2023, and continues until the January 15, 2024 deadline.

You will find full exam information on the College website, here, including the 2024 Application Guide, relevant application and accommodation forms, and a link to the Candidate Handbook.

The April 2024 Pan Canadian Examination is computer-based and will be held in person at designated test centers all over Canada. Applicants may indicate a preference for up to two exam center locations that would be convenient for them. The exam vendor will make every effort to match applicant preferences based on availability.
With Bylaws amendments in effect on July 6, 2023, the updated exam requirements regarding currency of TCM education and further training before repeating examination will apply to applicants at the April 2024 Pan Canadian examinations. Please refer to the 2024 Application Guide for details.

2024 Dr.TCM Clinical Retaking Examination

The 2024 Dr.TCM Clinical Retaking Examination will be held in early spring of 2024 and details will be available in January 2024.

This “retake” examination is open only to those who, having unsuccessfully attempted the Dr.TCM Clinical Examination before, are required to complete a refresher program and take the examination again, with the result of their written exam remaining valid. Details will be found in the 2024 Application Guide.

Practice Standards

Practice Standards

Practice Standards are established to assist registrants to better understand their professional obligations and to support their professional development.
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In setting the minimum level of care expected by traditional Chinese medicine professionals, Practice Standards can be helpful in resolving professional practice issues. Along with the Jurisprudence Handbook, relevant legislation, and case law, the Standards are used by the College and its Committees when considering registrant practice or conduct.

Practice Standards also serve to assist the public in better understanding the level of care they should expect from a registered traditional Chinese medicine professional.


For the purposes of Practice Standards, the term ‘must’ indicates a mandatory College requirement and the term ‘advised’ means that the registrant can use reasonable professional judgement and discretion when applying this expectation in practice.

Background & Process

Over the last one to two years the College conducted consultations regarding proposed updates to the following four existing standards and/or the development of new standards.

  1. Practice Standard on Cultural Safety, Humility and Anti-Racism (September 30, 2022)
  2. Practice Standard on Consent to Treatment (December 1, 2022)
  3. Practice Standard on Ethical Practice and Professional Accountability (September 14, 2023)
  4. Practice Standard on Infection Prevention and Control (December 14, 2023)

Practice Standards must receive Board approval before coming into effect. Once approved and in effect, they are posted on the College website.

Where can Practice Standards be Found?

All of the College’s Practice Standards can be found on the College website: Practice Standards | College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners & Acupuncturists of British Columbia (

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Audit

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Audit

In October and November, the College conducted a Professional Liability Insurance audit to ensure that registrants are maintaining a sufficient level of coverage and are submitting copies of policy documents in a timely manner. We thank those registrants who were selected for and took part in the audit.
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Several registrants who were selected have not responded and we wanted to provide this reminder:

College Bylaw 60.2 states that registrants need to “maintain professional liability insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000” and that registrants “must provide written proof of professional liability insurance to the registrar on request.”

Here are some important notes:

  • Check or update your clinic address in the College’s file via the Registrant Portal to make sure it is current. It is equally important to ensure that the location information noted on your professional liability insurance policy is updated accordingly.
  • For non-practicing registrants, please be sure you have coverage for services provided in the past, even if you’re no longer providing them. You are responsible for services rendered in the past, and it is a requirement for non-practising registrants to continue to hold valid insurance coverage. This is stated in subsection (ii) of College Bylaw 60.2.
  • Ensure that your policy covers all your clinical practices and renew your policy on time to prevent gaps in coverage.
  • To renew your registration, you must have valid and up-to-date professional liability policy coverage.